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The Executive Director of ADWRO

25 January 2017
The Executive Director of ADWRO

The Executive Director of ADWRO on behalf of women and representing the entire women of North, participated in an event and made a productive speech entitled “Annual Partnering for Public...

The civil society activists, women rights defenders,

25 January 2017
The civil society activists, women rights defenders,

The civil society activists, women rights defenders, governmental organs, youth and other prominent figures of the Northern provinces announced their commitment to combat violence against women through a gathering in...

Annar Multimedia Center Project

25 January 2017
Annar Multimedia Center Project

AMMC (Annar Multimedia Center) was a project funded by USAID through the AMDEP, Afghanistan Media Development and Empowerment Program. Internews the first project implementing agency and the key partner of...

Counterpart International conference

25 January 2017
Counterpart International conference

Counterpart International conducted a productive conference entitled “Framework for Cooperation Program”. In the event, the Executive Director of women made speech as well as provided her productive recommendations and suggestions...


fb1Overall the provincial community dialogue went on very well. It was very well managed by the ADWRO program team. As scheduled the participants (guests) started coming at 8:30 AM and after an hour, almost all guest came in.The event was officially opened at 9:30:00 AM with the recitation of some versus from the Holy Quran. At the first Malalai Roshandil Osmani welcomed the gust and other participants then she made some speeches about objective of this event, It was hosted by ADWRO and there were 77 participants included GIRoA officials, members of Balkh Provincial Council, members and representatives of civil society organizations, targeted district governors mostly of those who are engaged in civil society and civic engagement activities. The event went well according to the agenda. The first part of the agenda was presenting of prepared presentation by Advocacy Officer of ADWRO and the second part of agenda dedicated to speeches by the GIRoA officials that continued for 45 minutes and the following GIRoA officials spoke about social activity, civic engagement, community contribution and communities’ roles, opportunities and major achievements during the past years in relation to civic engagement. Mr. Sangar representative of provincial governor said,” I feel happy to participate in provincial’s community dialogue and it is good to have communities here in the event that they will state their problems to panel which include of GIRoA related authorities and definitely panel team will address their problems. So I requested from community to continue their contribution aiming to support government for their community development and at the end I would like to thanks from ADWRO to organize such kind of useful program”.


Following the speeches, a panel that was consisting of seven people was formed that discussed different matters related to community needs, challenges and addressing of communities problem. The topics of discussion were: Education, women rights, community development, un-employment, electricity, conflict and, etc. The panelists were as follow:

  1. Mr. Sangar, representative of Provincial Governor.
  2. Mr. Khair Andesh, head of Provincials Council.
  3. Representative of Balkh Agriculture Directorate.
  4. Representative of Balkh Brishna Directorate.
  5. Mr. Sheer Mohammad, Dehdada District Governor
  6. Balkh Mayor representative
  7. Ms. Malalai Roshandil Osmani, Director of ADWRO

At 1:00 PM, lunch was serviced to all the participants and a total of 77 people who were present in the event had lunch. Food was the first grade quality with several items and tea were served before lunch on refreshment break. This program was designed for one day including registration, checking, program description, and logistical issues such as payment and etc…


we have invited the participants at 8:30 but mostly the percipients came late specially governmental organizations such as representative of governance and other related department, so the program started at 9:30 AM and ended at 3:00 PM the content of program was finished up to 1:00 PM and based on our administration department’s suggestion we estimated almost 2 hours for logistic issue such as payment of periderm and transportation for participants. There were ten media outlets including the Local, National and international TVs. And they aired the report right in their TVs’ evening news programs. 

Within provincial dialogue communities discussed regarding following issues. Lack of teachers teaching materials, violence against students, lack of literacy course in Dehdadi district. Road rehabilitation, lack of electricity, increasing of un-employment and many other social problems has been stated by Nahr-i-shahi ditrict community.

As result panel member has been provided some satisfactory response to community’s problem and told them that you’re responsible to collect all your problem and objection to refer to government related department and as well follow up of these issues with governmental related department is communities’ responsibilities. So while communities have close coordination and contribution with government in order to overcome the existed challenges, then government will be able to address all your problem and needs. 



The General Assembly meeting

The General Assembly (G.A) of ADWRO had been held at Wednesday on 05-May-2015 in ADWRO conference hall with the presence of Board of Directorate (BoD) members, representatives of ADWRO umbrella organizations and other representatives of CSOs based in Balkh province for the purpose of election of ADWRO Executive Director (E.D).

At the beginning of the session, Ms. Malalai Roshandil “Osmani” the present E.D of ADWRO presented the latest updates bout ADWRO achievements, performance and projects implementations, and then participants asked many questions regarding ADWRO latest performance and achievements while all questions replied and answered by Ms. Malalai Roshandil “Osmani” the present E.D of ADWRO individually for each participant.

The event was facilitated by Mr. Bahman “Qaderi” regional manager of Afghan Civil Society Organization (ACSO), and he cleared the objectives of the event to all participants as election of ADWRO E.D which based on statute of ADWRO that the election should be done after each 5 years and wished all participants that they can candidate themselves if they are eligible to candidate themselves for the post of ADWRO E.D while the election process is a transparent process, then within all participants Ms. Dr. Khalil “Hakimi” one of the active members of civil society organizations candidate himself to compete with Ms. Malalai Roshandil “Osmani” on the post of ADWRO E.D.

The process of voting was absolutely transparent and free which was monitored by 2 active members of SCOs named Mr. Qazi “Sameaa” director of independent commission of human rights based in Balkh province and Bahman “Qaderi” regional manager of ACSO, and each participants one by one used their votes through a vote paper which was signed by facilitator of event (Mr. Bahman :Qaderi”) for their favorite candidates and threw the vote papers in the voting box which was placed in the voting saloon in front of all participants.

After finishing of voting process, the voting box opened and all papers counted in front of participants and also the votes counting process were monitored by all participants as well.

As a result Ms. Malalai Roshandil “Osmani” announced the winner by obtaining 78% of votes and Mr. Dr. Khalil “Hakimi” announced the loser by obtaining 22% of votes and as per statute of ADWRO, Ms. Malalai Roshandil “Osmani” can hold and continue her position as E.D of ADWRO till next election period. 

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The Managing Director of ADWRO participated in a meeting of police department of Balkh province for the purpose of better cooperation between civil society organizations and police department, this meeting was arranged by Balkh Civil Society Organizations.

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